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Forgotten Dreams by Leroy Anderson. A sweet short piece 1m46s transcribed for the #piano. vimeo.com/544243481

If you don't know who Leroy Anderson did, he is probably most famous for the typewriter youtube.com/watch?v=Zj1P5Ax5OZ

I've not played piano in a while..

My head is kinda empty trying to remember the chords!
when I don't think they are there. When I think they are all gone!

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I think i have played this before (in fact sure i have)...

but whatever.. take two went ok!

Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square

April in Paris .. I always liked the Count Basie version.. it's featured in the Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles"

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anyway.. I thought.. i'll watch a youtube of some people playing it on piano, get some ideas of how I might want to play it.

This fella pops up.. It's really good..
but then at the end he goes ..

"The most important thing is to enjoy your playing, and if you have just 3 things.

- Talent
- Intelligence
- Time

you can be good at this too"


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I've been playing this lovely piece off and on for ages. I love it and enjoy returning to play it. Schumann's Of Foreign Lands and Peoples from his childhood scenes series. Australian's will know it from the film My Brilliant Career. #piano #classical vimeo.com/489117932

Actually I think it's F locrian! I often get confused with modes n stuff

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Putting this here, because it's got some piano in it.
This is the 4th take I recorded of this melody and harmonisation.
I think of it as in the Locrian mode of Gflat, but really in Eflat minor I suppose.

I spent quite a long time thinking about the harmonies and melody.

It's also got a lyric.. not quite sure how it fits.. I try to think of feeling, and how I articulate that feeling, then use that for a melody and chords...

Anyway here you go

"Dance for small robots whilst waiting for the sun to come back"

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#noisevember 14
#PatchNotes 1

this is my attempt at crossfading from #noisevember to something regular-ish, simply posting those little snippets and various experiments from #SuperCollider Workspace.

So how should we call/tag it? I suggest #PatchNotes (via FactMag)

code: git.tmp.si/luka/SuperCollider-

:cc_cc: :cc_pd:

@noisevember @PatchNotes

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Cm7 noodling with an arpeggiator.. But I tried the scale of Cm blues, B and Fm lydian for a solo over the Cm7 arpeggio.

It would sound better with a sax player and a drummer.

I got a new synth - so here is the obligatory unboxing video. I'm playing on it using just the presets. It's Dm9/Gm9/Bflat
(It's a ASM hydrasynth, the patch is "Na'vi River", the arp is a preset on the Behringer Deepmind 12, the patch is "glass poly")

It's not meant to be anything deep or complicated. Just a first go at trying to use it musically, I've only had the thing a few hours.

I played this in Cm today..
though.. it went wonky at the end.
in future, I won't try to do the Hi NRG riff

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