Putting this here, because it's got some piano in it.
This is the 4th take I recorded of this melody and harmonisation.
I think of it as in the Locrian mode of Gflat, but really in Eflat minor I suppose.

I spent quite a long time thinking about the harmonies and melody.

It's also got a lyric.. not quite sure how it fits.. I try to think of feeling, and how I articulate that feeling, then use that for a melody and chords...

Anyway here you go

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Actually I think it's F locrian! I often get confused with modes n stuff

Up to the last maybe 15seconds I hoped for it to somehow resolve to an uplifting major.

@pianoforte it could have done! I could have easily dropped on to EflatMaj7 ... but I think that would be a different story

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