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if you are still masking, still avoiding indoor gatherings, still educating and advocating and learning,

you are making a difference. a huge one

i know how hard it is and how much harder it might get in the coming months. your strength is immeasurable. you are loved, and you will be remembered ❤️

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banned books 

westerners get real hung up on the holocaust as The One and Only Genocide to have ever happened as if there arent several genocides unfolding before our eyes that we should also explain to kids

like yea dont ban holocaust literature. thats obvious.

dont also act like we are all incredibly vigilant in genocide prevention while sitting on land so fuckin stolen it inspired hitler to create concentration camps

LOGICIAN. Your mind is getting clearer.

OLD GENTLEMAN. What's more, a cat with no paws at all – wouldn't be able to run fast enough to catch mice.

LOGICIAN. You're already making progress in logic. ...Even with no paws a cat must catch mice. That's in its nature.

— ionesco, eugène. rhinoceros. translated by derek prouse. john calder, ltd. 1960

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OLD GENTLEMAN. By taking two of the eight paws away from the two cats – we could have one cat with six paws – we could have one cat with no paws at all.

LOGICIAN. In that case, one cat would be specially privileged.

OLD GENTLEMAN. And one underprivileged cat deprived of all its paws.

LOGICIAN. That would be unjust, and therefore not logical.

OLD GENTLEMAN. Not logical?

LOGICIAN. Because Logic means Justice.

OLD GENTLEMAN. I get it. one more aspect of logic.

monday at noon pst, protect our province bc will be hosting a long covid survivor and a general internist

looking forward to tuning in and hearing what a survivor has to say

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Normalize telling cis people that the only reason that they are a man or woman is that they consider themselves one and they do not need to prove anything to anyone to be one

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Proposal to call it "climate violence" to reflect what a changing climate actually means.

normies: vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate. are you vaccinated yet? you need to be vaccinated. vaccines are the best way to stay safe. you need the jab. the poke. the needly-noo. vaxy vaxy vaxy vax. have you gotten your boosterv you need t get your booster ok? bc vacinating os tbe way we ENd the pandEmic omg. i tested positive

lmao dont tell me the microbiologist recovering from long covid is taking unmasked selfies in public indoor spaces 🤣🤣🤣

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Scorpions are armored with chitin. Fungus cell walls also use chitin for support structure. Scorpions are therefore a kind of mushroom.

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Some days you just have to invert your perspective to better see the world. I think.

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The State is said by some to be a "necessary evil"; it must be made unnecessary.
-- Benjamin Tucker

#anarchism #quote #bot

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you know why the wild pig got kicked out of the party 

because they were boaring

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Weird how we're into our third year of a disabling pandemic and there no political party even making halfhearted attempts to argue for a comprehensive social safety net for people who get ill, and other thoughts one has on a bus with someone who is coughing.

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Had a conversation with someone recently where they were reflecting on how they don't have "risk factors" for covid and so they're less concerned about getting it, but they understand other people aren't in that position.

I didn't want to get into it, but years of focusing on dying or ICU as the only material consequences of covid have made it impossible for people to grasp the risk of long covid. We don't know the risk factors for long covid. We don't know why some get it and some don't.

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pol (+) 

It is easy to feel like we keep losing but holy fuck, look how far we've come since 2015. Consent culture is mainstream. Ask culture is pretty common now.

The stigma of taking care of our mental well-being is pretty much a thing of the past.

Discussions of intersectionality, power, and systematic oppression are being had on late night shows almost every night.

I love that people are learning that boundaries are a good thing; that they create healthy relationships.

Maybe it is just that I surround myself with wonderful people that prioritize these things, but it really feels like as a culture, we're progressing towards consent, inclusivity, and acceptance.

It is easy to count each lost battle in this culture war and feel we're losing, but the truth of the matter is we're winning. We take two steps forward for every one step back.

Keep loving. Keep Fighting. These fascists are bound to lose!

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Some days you have the caffeine and some days the caffeine has you.

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