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Will jemand, der es sich sonst nicht leisten könnte, gerne mal einen Jochen Schweitzer Gutschein verschenken zu Weihnachten?

Habe hier noch einen über 150 Euro rumliegen und würde den gerne weitergeben.

Gerne verbreiten, rumfragen im kleineren Kreis war nicht erfolgreich.

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*record scratch* hi. my names maddox.

when d♭ major allowed me into their instance

they had no idea what was about to happen

Wow, ultimate guitar is so annoying that I appreciate such small minimal sites much more than before

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Okay, let me try a short of myself (Simon, he/him).
Born in 1977 in the german southwest. Failed reasonably successfully to learn the . Learned to love the progressive music of at an early age. But Bach and Brahms are great too. Convinced environmental and climate protector. . Father of four children. Convinced of the need for understandable and non-discriminatory language. And of evidence-based medicine. Absolutely hates Autotune and dickheads.

rant musicmatch 

I checked the page (musicmatch) also with an account. They show no timestamps anywhere so you cannot really find out if some upload has been made just recently or a year ago (incrementing ids may help). That alone is stil ok but the pricing is ridiculous. They plan on charging you $5/month after exceeding single digit(!) number of uploads.
I'm now lurking on bandlab which seems quite busy. Haven't set up my taste bubble yet but it's very lively.

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Thanks. Even though I searched for a while I didn't come accross wikiloops. I often find it hard to estimate (without creating an account) if websites have an active user base and are still maintained. The idea of music collaboration via the internet is old and it felt like there are many portals around that once had great ideas but never reached the critical mass of users.

Has anyone ever used musicmatch.net, especially the feature where samples and tracks are thought to evolve as more people contribute their own recordings?


On my ebook devive PDFs generally suck but I thought this was the price I had to pay for the super low energy consumption and decent (book) reading experience.

Hopefully changing pages on an e-ink devive with such a price tag is smoother :D

Thinking of digitalizing the sheet music I already own gives me headache because of all the weird paper formats and aspect ratios.

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Oury Jalloh, das war MORD

Unverändert: Die Polizei hat ein Rassismusproblem!

Gerade Gedenkveranstalttung zum Mord an #OuryJalloh in #Leipzig


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Up to the last maybe 15seconds I hoped for it to somehow resolve to an uplifting major.

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Putting this here, because it's got some piano in it.
This is the 4th take I recorded of this melody and harmonisation.
I think of it as in the Locrian mode of Gflat, but really in Eflat minor I suppose.

I spent quite a long time thinking about the harmonies and melody.

It's also got a lyric.. not quite sure how it fits.. I try to think of feeling, and how I articulate that feeling, then use that for a melody and chords...

Anyway here you go

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I made this slow retrosynth new age-y song I am very proud of, and I released it today for free! 🎶💖🎶

#music #retrosynth #synthwave

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