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This is super cool. Tom Lehrer put all his songs—music and lyrics—up for free: tomlehrersongs.com

I heard tiktok music videos are even optimised for small speakers rather than big ones. It's kind of the style.

dflatmajor.social is a new themed instance for and musicians. Registration is open, but for the start an approval is required. Dflatmajor.social is also part of the since it runs on renewable energies. Feel free to register 🐘🎶🎺 Boosts welcome!

(It's the first time I run an instance, yet the technical part is taken care of by experts.)

Maybe a bit to obvious but with the ambient synth strings in the background, the way they slowly rise the drums presence in the prechorus from just the base on each measure count to this driving yet lightweight cymbal brush thing I'd say Coldplay. Also the way his voice slides up an octave in a glissando style reminds me of coldplay.

Just found this old intro by searching for and "soft spot for Philip Glass-style " that's really something I can identify with! Will check out your compositions soon.

"The Real Vulf" is a collection of lead sheets transcribed by Joey Willenbucher. It's simply amazing and fun to play 🙂
You can download for free, print it yourself (and donate the author)
Vol1: docdro.id/i78Jg7w
Vol2: docdro.id/5QrCXhF

It's crazy 😃 I once managed to embed a lilypond sheet into a leaflet flyer. Felt like a boss after hours of trial and error but my boss (neither music nor latex nerd) was like why didn't you just paste a screenshot of it into word 🙈

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