Very excited, all the keys work perfect. Now to put it all back together.

I figured out what the person was and it’s dumb with a dumb fix. There are two small pegs that come out of each key, and the pegs are actually slipping into the hole of each bubble contact. So I am gluing a small piece of rubber around the end of each peg so they don’t slip into the hole. Seems to work!

Time to upgrade the TS12 OS since I got all the things to do it.

After putting it all back together, I don’t think it’s actually a conductivity problem. On the keys that are not working right, I can sort of feel the bubble contact engage when I should not feel anything at all. I’m probably going to do some open heart surgery with the keybed outside to figure out how the keys are not setting right in the keybed.

Back on my old shit again. Print silver paint on the carbon contacts since I got some skippy keys.

It’s all back together now but I’m probably going to have to go in replace the bubble switches on the bottom of the key bed. I’m an idiot, I will order the parts for next time I open it and do an OS upgrade.

Earlier I replaced the felt on the bottom of the rail where the white keys rest to get rid of the clack in this Fatar TP/10. I also added another 5/16 inch felt underneath where the hammers rest.

A little picture from last night. Boiling nylon parts that are starting to show signs of cracking. Figured this would be cheaper than eventually buying new hammers from Fatar/Studiologic.

I should have never decided to dismantle a Fatar hammer action....

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